American Solar Challenge makes pit stop in Arco

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The pioneering spirit lives on — the Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) and the National Park Service are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act by hosting the American Solar Challenge (ASC), in partnership with Innovators Educational Foundation. From July 14-22, 2018 teams from around the globe will head west along the natural corridor used by American Indians and 19th century emigrants, but instead of traveling in wagons, they will drive solar cars. Qualified participants will make daily stops in communities and national parks along the route. The public is invited to meet the drivers, learn about the cars, and discover a piece of history at every stopping point as well as participate in special activities and events presented by the OCTA volunteers and park rangers at each of the locations.

The solar cars will stop in Arco on July 19 and then re-start from Craters of the Moon on July 20. The event in Arco on Thursday, July 19 will take place at Butte High School from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Besides viewing the cars, there will also be opportunities to learn more about scientific research at Craters of the Moon National Monument with displays about space science, dark skies, and the Oregon Trail. On Friday, July 20, the cars will start the next stage of their journey west from the Devil’s Orchard trailhead at Craters of the Moon beginning at 9 a.m.

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You can follow along the trail via this website: https://www.nps.gov/oreg/getinvolved/asc-social.htm.


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