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Advertise Electrical Services

How to advertise an electrical company – made easy. We will give you a complete walkthrough of google ads, facebook ads, and advertising an electrical contracting business. If this article cannot answer all of your questions about digital marketing, we actually made a complete lead generation strategy guide that you can download. It will give you a complete marketing plan. It is a lot more detailed than we can get here, so feel free to reach out to get yours! It is guaranteed to grow your business. At Phvntom Inc. we also welcome emails and calls with questions. We would be more than happy to give you from free advice and guidance.

Now onto how to handle your electrical contractor marketing & give you a business plan. We are here to make sure the world knows about your electrical services and HVAC business.

Google Ads for Electricians

Google is the best search engine to run advertisements on. Here is the great thing about running a google ad campaign – you are in complete control. You get to set keywords for your ads. Keywords are terms that when searched, you would want your business/ad to show up for. You are going to want to check out how often terms are searched, and how competitive it is to show up for that keyword. A great site to check all that out on is SEORush. This site will be able to enhance your search engine optimization (also known as local SEO).

Once you have your keywords you will want to write your advertisement, set where you want it to show up, and have a landing page on your website that your advertisement will take customers to. The landing page should be simple, informative, and most importantly have a place for them to fill out their information so that your business can contact them. Be aware that this is a pay per click form of advertising. Meaning, you will not pay to be on someones google search, you will only pay if they click on your advertisement.

You may be wondering: why should I use Google ads? Let us break it down:

  • Your business shows up when someone is ACTIVELY looking for a keyword you believe is important to link them to your business.
  • It is a necessary evil to advertise – google ads allow your target market to be more specific than other advertising methods (specifically advertise service area).
  • It is the only way to keep up with your competitors – because I am sure they are advertising on google.

Remember that if you have any questions about google ads (because we know how difficult they can be), we are happy to help! You can always reach out to us at any step through the process, or download our lead generation strategy guide since it offers a lot more concrete information.

Facebook Ads for Electricians

Facebook ads are a completely different battle than google ads – but still necessary. Facebook advertisements may not generate as many conversions as google ads, but they create brand awareness. This can be JUST as important.

With facebook ads you do not set keywords, but you set areas of interest. This could be homeowners, age, and many other things. In this you are not thinking about what your potential customers would be searching, you are thinking about who your potential customers are. This would be your target market that you are trying to pin down. Facebook is still a great place to advertise because 79% of the population has a facebook, and of that percentage 70% are active daily.

Why should you use Facebook ads? Lets break it down:

  • Creates brand awareness – even if they do not need an electrician right now, when they do they will think of your company.
  • Can still create conversions – although the chances are that the conversions won’t be as high as Google ads… Leads are still leads!
  • Social media has the ability to track down your target market.

Remember that if you have any questions about facebook ads (because we know how difficult they can be), we are happy to help! You can always reach out to us at any step through the process, or download our lead generation strategy guide since it offers a lot more concrete information.

Electrical Contractor Advertising

In order to advertise your electrical business properly you need: a website, an email, phone number, google ads, facebook ads, and a social media presence. This is a really simplified list of what you will need to advertise your business properly. It is not enough to do one of these things, in reality you need all of them.

We understand that running a social media page for your business feels like it does nothing since you do not see leads directly from it, but we promise its important! Advertising your business is all about creating a brand and voice for your business. Then getting people aware of it.

There is a lot to advertising, and only so much that we can fit into such a short article. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to us at We would be happy to give you some free advice. If you don’t want free advice and just want someone to take this all out of your hands – we can do that too! We have many different levels of plans so that you can tailor our skills to whatever your company needs. In addition, we offer month to month plans so that you do not have the stress of being locked into a long contract.