8 Tips to Create More Engaging Instagram Captions (With Examples!)

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There’s a lot of tasks that go into managing a social media account.

You’ve got copy to write, photos to take, and content to schedule. Photos or videos are often prioritised. But even if you’ve got excellent visuals, having a poor caption could let you down—especially on Instagram.

That’s because the more compelling your captions are, the more engagement your posts are likely to receive.

(That’s the aim of the strategy you’re delivering for your clients, right?)

In this guide, we’ll share eight tips that will help you write Instagram captions more effectively.

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  1. Remember the brand tone and voice – jump ⬇️
  2. Know your audience – jump ⬇️
  3. Intrigue followers with stories – jump ⬇️
  4. Use emojis in your captions – jump ⬇️
  5. Drop some relevant hashtags – jump ⬇️
  6. Ditch the hard sell – jump ⬇️
  7. Make sure your copy is error-free – jump ⬇️
  8. Insert a call-to-action – jump ⬇️

…Or continue scrolling to read them all.

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