2C Spotlight Awards: Carrie Corson

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Carrie Corson is a meter specialist for Idaho Power in Nampa. She is regularly out in the field, and over the course of two months earlier this year, she exhibited two extraordinary feats of courage and valor. In short, she did what so few people rarely do these days — Corson paid attention to her surroundings and stepped in and intervened when she thought it might be necessary. Her quick thinking and action may well have saved a life. Or two.

In February, Corson said she came upon a house in the Middleton area with the door ajar, followed the footprints and came upon an elderly gentleman who had fallen sometime during the night. “I stayed with him until help arrived,” she said.

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In early March, Corson was working in North Nampa. She intervened by calling 911 after observing a man dragging a woman down a set of stairs. The man was apprehended and turned over to police.

Corson was given the Presidential Safety Award by Idaho Power for her actions in a ceremony on June 14.


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