25th annual Seven Arrows Pow Wow underway

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BOISE- The 25th annual Seven Arrows Pow Wow has brought dancers and drummers from all over the country to Boise.

The event showcases and celebrates the customs and traditions of Native Americans.

“It’s a time together to celebrate together, to be together as a community and to bring people from all different tribes and all different places to share stories, to sing songs, to dance and to just be,” said Melanie Fillmore, the women’s lead dancer.

“It makes me healthy, it makes me happy,” said Derald Julianto, a dancer who has attended this powwow for more than 20 years. “I’m just really enthused to go to the next powwow to meet my old friends, new friends.”

There’s competition featuring different styles of dance, and dancers are in full regalia.

“I’m a women’s fancy shawl dancer,” Fillmore said. “We have really beautiful shawls and beautiful outfits. It’s a very fast-paced dance. And our jingle dress dancers with all the bells, it’s a prayer dance. When we hear the music of those bells it’s supposed to bring healing.”

“Dancing traditionally is for healing, and it’s for the people,” Julianto said.

“This is about a place to belong and it’s a wonderful place to be,” Fillmore said. “Our language, our culture, our dancing. It’s a place to feel welcome.”

The powwow is held at Boise State’s student union building in the Jordan Ballroom. It runs April 28 and 29. Events begin at noon. You can find more information about admission here.

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